Solved by a verified expert:A bacterium that is a curved rod is abacillus.spirochete.vibrio.streptobacillus.spirillum.Flag this QuestionQuestion 22.5pts A naked virus is a virus without a capsid surrounding the genetic material.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 32.5pts A way to trace the evolutionary history of a group by using shared traits derived from a common ancestor to determine relationships is defined as _____.cladisticsHardy-Weinberg EquilibriumsystematicsLinnaean ClassificationtaxonomyFlag this QuestionQuestion 42.5pts Algae have been traditionally classified as plants becausethey must have a water source.they have a complex root system.they live in the soil.they are commensalistic with animals.they photosynthesize.Flag this QuestionQuestion 52.5pts All protists are autotrophs.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 62.5pts Analogous structureshave the same function in different groups and they share a common ancestor.are seen only in hybrid offspringhave the same function in different groups, but they do not have a recent common ancestor.are a result of prezygotic barriersare a result of postzygotic barriersFlag this QuestionQuestion 72.5pts Because viruses can reproduce only when inside a living cell, viral genomes are not subject to mutation.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 82.5pts Before reproducing by binary fission, bacteria must undergo the process of mitosis.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 92.5pts Convergent evolution is the acquisition of the same or similar traits in distantly related lines of descent.TrueFalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 102.5pts Different lineages diverging from a common ancestor have different derived characters.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 112.5pts Different species evolving from a single ancestor, each species reproductively isolated and uniquely adapted to its own habitat describessympatric speciation.hybridization.adaptive radiation.allopatric speciation.mechanical isolation.Flag this QuestionQuestion 122.5pts In a cladogram, a common ancestor and all if its descendant species is called a ____.speciesgenuscladeancestorpatriarchFlag this QuestionQuestion 132.5pts In certain species of fish, specialized fins on the male are adapted for clasping a female only of the same species; then and only then fertilization can occur. This is an example ofF2 fitness.intraspecies specificity.postzygotic isolation.temporal isolation.mechanical isolation.Flag this QuestionQuestion 142.5pts In which taxonomic grouping would there be fewer species?domainfamilyorderclassgenusFlag this QuestionQuestion 152.5pts Macroevolution is defined as _____.large changes over a very long period of timelarge changes that occur abruptlyhomology of structuresadaptive radiationsympatric speciationFlag this QuestionQuestion 162.5pts Mass extinctions are thought to be due primarily to lethal mutations in a species’ DNA.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 172.5pts Mules are horse-donkey hybrids and they are infertile due to a difference in the chromosomes inherited from their parents.TrueFalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 182.5pts Of the following, where would an organism classified as ahalophile most likely be found?a solution of salt watera public swimming poola jar of jellya dry toilet seata hot tubFlag this QuestionQuestion 192.5pts Physical appearance is the best criterion for determining one species from another.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 202.5pts Plant viruses move about in the infected plant by way ofcellulose fibrils.plastids.microtubules.plasmodesmata.centrioles.Flag this QuestionQuestion 212.5pts Prion-associated diseases (kuru, mad cow disease, etc.) are neurological diseases that are likely due to a protein found also in healthy, as well as, diseased brains.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 222.5pts Reproduction in archaea can occur sexually or asexually.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 232.5pts Retroviruses are unique in that theysynthesize proteins directly from DNA codons.lack an envelope.synthesize DNA from an RNA template.can infect both plants and animals.contain self-replicating proteins.Flag this QuestionQuestion 242.5pts Slime molds are classified as photoheterotrophs because they eat dead organic material and photosynthesize.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 252.5pts Sympatric speciation, a process by which a population develops into two or more reproductively isolated groups, occurs in plants but not in animals becausegene flow does occurs only in plants.polyploidy only occurs in animals.animals readily produce hybrids.the sex chromosomes of animals makes polyploidy difficult.plants do not show reproductive isolation.Flag this QuestionQuestion 262.5pts The envelope of a virusis synthesized by enzymes encoded by the viral made of derived from the host’s plasma membrane.contains enzymes for viral nucleic acid also called the capsid.Flag this QuestionQuestion 272.5pts The evolutionary theory called punctuated equilibrium proposes thatspecies evolve gradually over time.environment alone determines evolutionary adaptations.species only become extinct because of localized catastrophes.transitional species are less like to become fossils.a period of change is punctuated by speciation.Flag this QuestionQuestion 282.5pts The outer cell wall of a bacterium is strengthened by a complex molecule calledplasmid.nucleoid.cellulose.peptidoglycan.basal body.Flag this QuestionQuestion 292.5pts The pathology associated with the bacteriumClostridium tetani, the causative agent of tetanus, is that the bacteria move through the bloodstream to various sites in the body and affect skeletal muscles.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 302.5pts The science of systematics helps determine phylogeny, the evolutionary history of a group of organisms.TrueFalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 312.5pts Two species arose from a common ancestor and became geographically isolated from one another during their evolutionary development; eventually they became reproductively isolated from each other. This is an example of allopatric speciation.True.False.Flag this QuestionQuestion 322.5pts Two species with a common ancestor have a particular body structure adapted for grasping prey. This is an example ofhomology.divergence.analogy.parallel evolution.taxa.Flag this QuestionQuestion 332.5pts Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of protozoans?unicellularorganellesreproduce sexually via binary fissionsome contain ciliamany are harmful to humansFlag this QuestionQuestion 342.5pts Which of the following is an incorrect match?endospore–bacterial survival mechanismchemoautotrophs–do not use solar energy, but do fix carbon dioxidecommensalism–one population modifies environment to the benefit of another populationchemoheterotrophs–take in organic molecules to use as energy and as building blocksphotoautotrophs–take in organic molecules for energy and fix carbon dioxideFlag this QuestionQuestion 352.5pts Which of the following is an incorrect match?amoeboids–pseudopodsbrown algae–kelptrypanosome–malariasporozoans–not motilered algae–coral reefsFlag this QuestionQuestion 362.5pts Which of the following is matched incorrectly?Mesozoic era–modern humans appearPrecambrian era–oldest known fossilsPaleozoic era–seed plants appearCenozoic era–primates appearCenozoic era–first mammals appearFlag this QuestionQuestion 372.5pts Which of the following is necessary for two species to be separate?They must live in different geographical locations.They must have different reproductive mechanisms.Courtship patterns must be different.Gene flow must not occur between them.They must have a common ancestor.Flag this QuestionQuestion 382.5pts Which of the following is not a mechanism of prezygotic isolation?habitat isolationgamete isolationhybrid sterilitybehavioral isolationtemporal isolationFlag this QuestionQuestion 392.5pts Which of the following is not a stage in the lytic cycle of a bacteriophage?integrationreleasepenetrationattachmentmaturationFlag this QuestionQuestion 402.5pts Which of the following is not true regarding the lysogenic cycle of a bacteriophage?The phage is considered latent.The phage does not actively replicate immediately after integration.The phage DNA is incorporated into bacterial DNA.The phage can enter the lytic stage after being in the lysogenic stage.The phage penetrates into the bacterium.