Solved by a verified expert:1:Some snake venoms are harmful because they contain enzymes that increase the rate of a reaction that destroys blood cells and tissue cells. The damage caused by such a snakebite could best be slowed down by A:applying ice to the bite area in order to decrease the temperature of the cells B:inducing vomiting in order to remove all of the stomach content C:drinking large amounts of water in order to hydrate the cells D:elevating the bite area in order to increase the number of blood cells present 2: Which of the following is a function of nucleic acids? A:Providing insulation and protection for an organism B:Reducing the amount of energy needed for a reaction to occur C:Carrying the genetic information of an organism D:Bonding together to form large protein macromolecules3: A carbohydrate molecule is A:a macromolecule made of amino acids that provides structure for a cell and is not soluble in water B:made up of a chain of monosaccharides that transport genetic coding from one end of the cell to another C:made up of the monosaccharide glucose and serves as an energy reserve in plants and animalsD: a chain of amino acids that can be used for protein synthesis, protection, and increasing reaction speeds4:Which of the following monomers vary based on the structure of their side chains?A:Fatty acids B:Monosaccharides C:NucleotidesD: Amino acids5:In what ways are fats and steroids similar to each other and in what ways are they different? Be specific in your comparison, being sure to discuss both structure and function.