Solved by a verified expert:1) This agent is a simple household product, but is now visible in all hospitals, labs, and medical care facilities. It is remarkable inexpensive and is then diluted with water to act as a germicidal agent. It has a distinct color and is corrosive and toxic. It is a member of the category of _____a) phenolicsb) halogensc) peroxygensd) biguanides/chlorhexidinee) metals2) This agent is widely used today for a variety of germicidal and antiseptic procedures. It is usually combines with a carrier molecule that releases the unbound form slowly. This helps with skin irritation. It is used for surgical scrubbing. It belongs to the category of _____ agents.a) halogensb) peroxygensc) metallicsd) quarternary ammonium saltse) phenolics