Solved by a verified expert:Quiz 2 The Cell and DNA (25 points)
Below is a copy
of Quiz 2 (25 points). Read carefully and answer the questions. This is an open
book quiz, however, you are expected to do your own work and for the short
answer questions write the answers using your own
words. Submit as a Word or rtf
attachment (please put your last name in the file name of attached
documents–for example student John Smith would be Smith J.Quiz 2. doc). Do not submit
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The quiz is due no later than March 29, 2015 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time. See the
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Part A. Fill in the blank
(1 point) Determine the amino acid sequence encoded in the following mRNA
sequence: mRNA codons: AUG GGU GUA AUC
GGC ___________________________________________________
(2 points) Describe what would happen if GGU in question 1 was changed
to CGU, name the type of mutation describe its effect on the primary structure
of the polypeptide ______________________
(2 points) Describe what would happen if GUA in question 1 was changed
to GUG, name the type of mutation and describe its effect on the primary
structure of the polypeptide ______________________
Part B. Short answers
Answer in
complete sentences using your own words and provide complete citations for the
sources of your information. If you list the sources on the last page, you must
provide in-text citations within your answers.
(4 points) What role do the existing strands of DNA play during the
synthesis of the new DNA strands? Use the following sequence of double stranded
DNA to illustrate how the existing and new strands are related after
replication of the molecule (label which are the new and old strands).


(3 points) Describe at least three functions of cell membranes.

(4 points) Describe the events and molecules involved in the process of
(3 points) Given an amino acid sequence (amino acids linked together),
can one predict a unique corresponding mRNA nucleotide sequence (nucleotides
linked together)? Explain how you arrived at your answer and give an example to

Part C. DNA Activity(6 points)
Perform the
virtual “DNA Extraction Activity” in Course Module 2 and answer the
following questions.
1) When
extracting DNA why should you use an enzyme?
a. Unwind
from packing protein
b. Pull
cells apart
c. Slow
down extraction process
d. Protect
DNA from degrading

2) Which
of the following protects the ends of the DNA molecule?
a. Detergent
b. Salt
c. Water
d. Alcohol

3) What
do you use to separate the cells from each other?
a. Strainer
b. Blender
c. ROH
d. Toothpick

4) Why
does DNA end up in the alcohol layer at the end of the procedure?
a. DNA
sinks because it’s more dense than the banana mixure
b. DNA
sinks because it’s less dense than the banana mixure
c. DNA
floats because it’s denser than the banana mixure
d. DNA
floats because it’s less dense than the banana mixture

5) Why
do you add detergent to the banana scraps?
a. Pull
the cells apart from each other
b. Protect
the DNA
c. Dissolve
the cell and nuclear membrane
d. Change
the density of the DNA

6) What
are two things or conditions that could damage DNA if it is not protected by
salt in Step 1 of the procedure

7) What
would happen if you forgot to add the meat tenderizer?

8) What
are at least two uses of the extracted DNA other than for forensics?