Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the value of camera. The photographic system in Daguerre Studio and improvements that were later made thereto while the ethical aspect was largely founded on ethical issues that accompanied a lack of uniformity in the interpretation of works of art such as drawings. Like any other invention, photography and filming exist to help capture images or ideas for aesthetic, economic, religious, or social reasons. This underscores the idea that photography, filming, drawing, carving and other works of art exist and are done for human good. All these are expounded on in the ensuing discourse.Prior to the emergence of photography and camera techniques, drawings, paintings, carvings, and sculpturing were the only incentives that existed. This informed the preponderance of drawings by artists such as Michelangelo during the renaissance era and the period preceding it. Nevertheless, the entrance of photography brought about radical changes in art and also paved the way for cinematography.According to Kinkle and Toscano, one of the ways in which photography and cinematography have revolutionized art is by fundamentally making artistry more convenient. One of the ways by which drawing has been made more convenient is by helping in developing contrast and intensity. Initially, it was the mandate of the artist to determine the amount of light that would be allowed on the surface of the object against the shadow that would fall on the background and surrounding areas. For instance, it can be seen that the drawing by Frans Hals (1580-1666) Regentesses of the Old Men’s Alms House was a product of the balancing of the light, its intensity, and the shadow that makes the background. In this work of art depicting governors and governesses, individuals in the foreground have their faces accorded greater intensity, unlike their counterparts whose faces appear more darkened. This informs the audience that the drawing is made from an extreme close-up point of view so that the audience is able to glean.