Write a 19 pages paper on information systems in organisations. The four functional areas are thus given as sales and marketing, finance and accounting, human resources, and customer relations management. Between the sales and marketing functional areas, the marketers are mostly expected to undertake the role of trading out the products of the bank to the public, while the sales team draws customers out of the many pools of people drawn by the marketing team. In essence, there is a two-in-one function that focuses on drawing as many pools of customers to the bank as possible. As each of these customers comes on board the train of business operations of the bank, they are given the opportunity to select from as many products of the bank as possible (Baeza-Yates, Saint-Jean, and Castillo, 2013).Another two-in-one function is played by the finance and accounting functional area of the bank, whose task can be summed at dealing with the finances of the company. As noted earlier, the bank operates a functional organization and so has a work duty that is highly related and connected to each other. For this reason, as the sale and marketing section draws customers unto the bank and the customers invest their monies into the business of the bank, the finance and accounting team becomes tasked with ensuring that the flow of money in and out of the bank is well regulated in a manner promotes the effective use of fiscal resources. Between the finance and accounting sections, there can be some level of independent service delivery in addition to the interdependence that is seen on an overlapping premise. The independence comes in with relation with the definition of duty, whereby the finance section is tasked with the duty of ensuring that the bank operates within a profitable premise and does not run at a loss (Hayes, Andersen, and Heuttner, 2013). As this is done, the accounting section acts as an evaluator of the activities of the finance section by ensuring.