Write 4 pages thesis on the topic empirical research paper. For instance, the introductory part of the report is not included in the abstract. Introduction The report provides comprehensive information concerning a study conducted by several health specialists (Luis et al). According to the report, the study focuses on the examination of the effectiveness of the Quality of Life Scale, a tool that was developed to investigate issues associated to health among adults experiencing mental challenges emanating from Attention Deficit Disorder (Hypersensitivity Disorder). The introductory part of the document provides a brief background information concerning ADHD, its distribution as well as the various measures that have been put in place to assess the ADHD among adults such as: Self report Scale, diagnostic interviews and screening materials. The introductory section of the report also provides information on the obstacles that have led to the inefficient operation of these measures (Louis et al 2007). Literature Review The report does not provide a specific section for the literature review however, brief information is provided to give the readers an insight of the other measures that have been used in the past to assess ADHD among people at the childhood stage, adolescent and adulthood. Additionally, the study does not provide information concerning past researches that have been conducted to examine efficacy of these measures in assessing Attention Deficient/Hyperactivity Disorder among children and adults (Louis et al 2007). Much of the information related to the disorder is provided in the introductory section of the study. the research gap is provided in the introductory section of the study and it indicates that the previous measures that been in use do not assess the impact of ADHD on adults. Problem Statement The study focuses on one of the most important health related issues. responsiveness of health materials. The corpus of responsiveness in the health sector aims at evaluating various tools, institutions and instruments with an objective of examining their effectiveness in providing health services. Louis and other researchers focused on investigating the responsiveness of the Quality Life Scale in the assessment of the Health Related Quality Life among Adults challenged by ADHD. Summary of previous investigations In the report, information concerning previous researches is provided however, the discussion is brief and does not provide detailed information. The information provided shows that indeed there are previous researches that have been conducted to determine the efficacy of the measures applied in the assessment of ADHD among adults. For instance: Diagnostic interviews, scales of self reports as well as brief screening tools (Louis et al 2007). The available data provided explicits that the previous measures applied were formulated in a manner that they only assessed symptoms instead of the effects of ADHD in adults. The report explicits that the research conducted by Luis and his colleagues, was meant to determine the responsiveness of the Quality of Life Scale. a tool that was specifically meant to examine the HRQL among adults. In other words, the study conducted by Luis was meant to find out whether or not the Quality of Life Scale as a tool is effective enough to perform the assessment function.