Partner Feedback First, apply your own insights you have learned in class and the textbook to write feedback to your negotiation partner on what they did effectively (areas of strength). Next, do some outside research to provide practical suggestions on how they could improve on their areas of weakness. Please be constructive, professional and practical.Word limit: 2000 words 2. Graded on both areas of strength and improvement. a. How well you apply the relevant concepts in your feedback b. How well you do research c. How practical your recommendations are 3. 3 references required: peer-reviewed journals and negotiation books 4. DO NOT directly copy the assignment questions to your assignment a. This will increase your similarity score 5. Be sure to include proper text citations and APA style references for all sources a. Try to type them yourself instead of using the citation builderNEGOTIATION DISCUSSED WITHIN THE PARTNERSGagandeep Kaur -seller- Buyer- Lakshmi Negotiation conducted on skype and is about of 55 mins.                      The licensing fee is $55000 per episode. Number of episode runs allowed are six, 50% of the amount will be paid in first year, 30% in the second year and 20% in the third year.                                    For the junior program, the agreed amount was $15000