Need help with my writing homework on Key Stylistic and Spatial Elements Inigo Jones Interior. Write a 2000 word paper answering; In most of his architectural designs, he employed rules of proportionality and symmetry proportion. This enabled him to be unique among his fellow architect, as his work was outstanding. Examples of buildings that he designed and supervised, during his time, were Whitehall and Banqueting House, which are very important in tracing the history of architecture (Worsley & Jones, 2007. Gerbino, Johnston, University of Oxford., & Yale Center for British Art, 2009). His passion for architecture was motivated by tours he made in Italy where he studied Ruins of Roman buildings and Andrea Palladio, and this contributed immensely to his understanding of architecture (Fazio et. al, 2003).Palladio architecture was named after the architect who contributed much to Roman architecture. His designs were considered flexible for both the rich and middle class, who could adopt them. This ensured that he interacted with all the social classes while undertaking his assignments, an activity that made him more recognizable. To meet the demand of various clients from different social classes, the design sizes were changed and alternative materials used without variation of consumers’ satisfaction, which is important in gaining loyalty as well as attracting new clients. The houses could meet specific needs such as entertaining guests and giving the right impression to tenants (Gerbino 2009). For instance, the Loggie was spacious, hence used for performances, dining and holding talks. Loggie’s ground floor was used for activities such as food preparation, laundry and storage. The left and right sections of this house comprised of symmetrical rooms, which could be used for studying, and official activities, as the owner deemed appropriate. The rooms varied in sizes and shapes, while the main shapes were rectangular and square. The middle part of the house contained the main living space.