Need help with my writing homework on Have You Experienced Gender Discrimination at Work. Write a 1250 word paper answering; From the report it is clear that female labour participation has been increasing rapidly in many developed countries. However, the employment rate of women is not fairly matched as men and the typical cause of difference in employment rate among female and male workers is gender discrimination. Gender discrimination has been a barrier from the traditional work environments. The issue has almost been scraped out of the current workplace environment. However, different barriers are felt in the achievement of a gender equality workplace environment. There are many pieces of research that suggested that a number of female workers have been treated in a discriminated way in the work place. This paper hypothesised that gender discrimination is common among universal workplace and come along with unfairly treated situation based on gender. The situations range from job allocation, payment inequity, and other forms of discrimination. Firstly, the literature review will describe the existence of sex discrimination at work. The methodology of the research will be described next, and finally with results that are supported by research data. The increasing number of female rate of employment does not equal to enjoying the same career promotion opportunities as men. Female employees usually experience difficulties to approach a higher level status of work. It is harder to get promoted compared to male employees. Also, they receive a relatively lower wage.