Need an research paper on the film fish tank as a coming-of-age story. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Her adolescence obsessions have taken the form of love for hip-hop music. She listens to the music and secretly practices the dance moves in a deserted apartment. However, the search for attention is the major adolescence trait that eventually landed Mia into sexual vulnerability and exploitation by her mother’s boyfriend, Connor OReilly (Mullen, 2009:17). The teenage adolescence changes in the life of Mia takes the form of both emotional and physical changes that creates more energy in her. However, since she lacks the best way of utilizing the newly developing energies, she dedicates most of it into hip-hop music and dancing, while the rest is applied toward fighting the world around her, such that she is constantly engaged in feuds with her age mate friends, family and eventually with her mother’s boyfriend and his family. Therefore, Fish Tank is a film that has accurately captured both the emotional and physical aggression as key adolescence developments that antagonizes the adolescents against the rest of the world, as they seek to establish their own space in life (Horeck & Kendall, 2011:12). The film has applied soundtrack and music innovation as the means of advancing the themes of love, emotional attachment and physical and verbal aggression that comes with the developments in adolescence, through featuring multiple hip-hop music as a major element throughout the film.Lack of decency is a major characteristic of the film, Fish Tank, which goes a long way to develop the coming-of-age story in a more real and tangible manner. Adolescence is a stage of life that comes with emotional needs and physical developments that gradually orientates the adolescent towards adulthood. However, when such changes are not closely monitored and shaped in a positive direction.