Need an research paper on multinationals and corporate governance. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Corporate governance has of late become a high-profile issue in business management. The interest in corporate governance traverses countries and continents. It applies to large public corporations and a range of business forms such as family-owned firms, state-owned enterprises, and non-profit organizations. It emphasizes performance because corporations must deliver suitable results to the shareholders, society, community, and the economy (Joshi, 5).Good corporate governance is crucial to competitiveness as it facilitates the access of capital markets by corporations. Access to capital markets contributes to economic growth and development of financial markets. Improving corporate governance practices leads to good decision making within a company’s governing bodies. It, therefore, enhances the efficiency of business operations. Good corporate governance leads to improved accountability system and minimized risks of fraud from company officers. A system of governance that is effective helps a company comply with applicable regulations and laws and avoid sophisticated and costly litigation (Joshi, 5).The availability of good governance facilitates access to capital and supports growth because of its broad institutional and social dimensions. Well-designed rules should focus on the implementation of transparency, values of fairness, accountability, and responsibility to stakeholders and shareholders. For ethical and effective governance, businesses must operate in an environment with proper institutions. Elements such as a functioning judiciary, free press, and private property rights are necessary for translation of corporate laws into on-ground practice (Joshi, 6).C orporate governance regulates and ensures business environments are transparent and fair, and that companies are liable for their actions. On the other hand, poor corporate governance leads to corruption and mismanagement of resources. Although corporate governance is commonly used to manage stock corporations, it is also applied in the management of family businesses, state-owned enterprises, and governance.