InstructionsIdentify a Health Information Manager ┬átopic of your choice review the relevant literature on your topic. To conduct your literature review, you should first identify work that has been done on your topic. Your review should be at least 3 to 4 pages in length and should consist of at least 5 books and/or peer-reviewed articles (though you may consult as many sources as you wish).You should then move to an integrated description and evaluation of the material you have read. Do not structure your paper as a series of book reports or article abstracts. The literature review should show that you understand how to find scholarly literature on the topic that interests you.Your goal is to describe what is already known about your topic, how it has been researched by others, and how the information has been used to improve outcomes.The paper must be 3 to 4 pages in length not counting title and reference page, contain at least 5 peer-reviewed sources (closing reference and in-text citations), and in APA format.Assignment ObjectivesMeet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor’s Degree.Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data UseSubdomain III.E. Research MethodsSection 1. Apply the principles of research and clinical literature evaluation to improve outcomes.Competencies: Literature search and evaluationAssignment PurposeComplete a literature review.