I will pay for the following article The Global Expansion by Venture Firms in Korea. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. One of the most common strategies that have come in handy to help businesses deal with this challenge is the aspect of globalization. It refers to the advancements of markets in higher areas. With this, various business ventures and firms have been able to expand their businesses and activities into different areas hence helping them to gain a wide range from different areas. It is a great advantage since different regions have different practices in terms of their cultures and politics. This makes it necessary to diversify the goods and services depending on the cultural practices onto which the new good or service is to be offered. It is an indication that the global expansion strategies are an extremely essential element to the business since it not only helps in the attainment of more customers but also the knowledge about the business practices in different areas hence more trust in the business. Ultimately, the business is able to achieve its goals in a better way since a wider chance is provided to make more profits. Globalization refers to the global ability of a business or a venture to take its place within a competitive market all over the globe. It has played a very vital role in the world economy in the sense that it has made it possible for various businesses to expand globally through the evaluation of various factors that include travel, cost analysis and the cost and regulations of the businesses in the new countries (Borgatti & Foster, 2003). Therefore, it has led to corporate global expansion by many businesses. Corporate global expansion by and business venture refers to the formal plan by the corporation to expand the reach of its activities and operations into multiple and many countries throughout the world. In order to be considered as “global”, it is important for the company to extend its activities to all the major countries in the world.&nbsp.&nbsp.