Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Disclosure of information. Assignment: Select a situation television comedy such as “Frasier”, “Friends”, “Golden Girls”, or “Will and Grace”. In your paper, analyze an “intimate” relationship from one of the shows. Consider such issues as trust, commitment, and self-disclosure.&nbsp. TV Series: Will and Grace Season 1 Episode 1 Situation: Grace apologizing to Will for their wedding ceremony that did not push through. Though the theme speaks of the “failed completion of commitment” for the calling off of their wedding, the conversation that followed however manifested openness/disclosure, trust and a continuing commitment to each other. Grace was still in her wedding dress and came in to the office of Will to apologize for what happened and for what she said in the ceremony. Instead of rebuking, Will assured her and said, “I know”. Grace was honest enough to disclose that it “wasn’t right” that “he was a smart, attractive guy who love me, who I love by the way. Why wasn’t it right?” Will did not demonstrate the slightest hint of anger but instead consoled Grace with the story of a play back in college. That the protagonists seemed “so perfect with each other but kept on missing each other because they are not destined to be.” Further assuring Grace, “Gracie, you are just in the middle of your movie and the point is, it’s not yet over. The movie will have a happy ending. You’ll just have to see it through.” And the trust was demonstrated when the two of them, with friends, had a drink later despite of what happened with Grace still in her wedding dress. When prodded, the two of them even kissed and kidded there was “nothing”. The episode tells us the lesson that though things did not materialize as intended, commitment does not have to end. As Will puts it, “Gracie, you are just in the middle of your movie and the point is, it’s not yet over. The movie will have a happy ending.” It could have been understandable had Will been upset and frustrated. But to disclose the real feelings and reason behind it as what Grace did in the episode, can avert the suppose reaction of frustration if not anger. Grace showed the sincerity of what she really felt and Will did not even demanded an explanation but just consoled her that “he knows”. Grace disclosed and opened herself to Will because she trusts that Will will understand which he did. The episodes following in this TV series is a merry chase of their “suppose commitment”. They may not have wed, but they are still together in the succeeding episodes.