Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The design specification represents private curving bridges and it also includes the symbolic construction which represents the glowing Dubai urban transformation. it also mimics the enchanting boat sailings of the ancient Dubai.The Burj Al Arab hotel location is the Jumeirah Beach strip and it spreads across a 15km stretch away from the City center. It is only 2km away from the Dubai International Airport. It has an extra-ordinary landmark which evidences a link between a man-made island and a well developed slender, sledded-made curved causeway.The relationship between the construction sector and Dubai’s hotel industry has been extremely positive. Ideally, the Northern corridors of Dubai including its favorite tourism destinations have become the focus of modern designs. The implementation of a number of tourism concepts across the Arab Peninsula has become an answer to the country’s bristling hotel industry.The Dubai historical factor as well as the stylistic-semiotic study which covers the development of the country’s hotel architecture indicates that the focus is based on the hotel-casino complexes and the self-styled postmodernist buildings. Their impact is significant because the modernist attitude includes the changing trends that mirage the International Styles and rarely defined traditional Dubai Architectures.The relatively short Dubai coastline provides a symbolic history that explains the countries are strategically located and it has been found to be an ideal place for people wishing to visit exciting places. However, the important role of tourism has been hugely signified by the characteristic influence of the changing trends of tourism since 1966. Because of the limited natural resources, tourism has become an alternative source of income and this has benefited the local communities through the evolution of small businesses. However, tourism consideration has created architectural viability and support.