Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Pursuing Art in Grad School at UCLA. I attended painting and drawing classes every week from 7 years of age until 15 years of age.&nbsp. I came to the U.S. from Taiwan at a young age.&nbsp. I fully credit my parents with having given me the tools to succeed in the art world in the U.S.&nbsp. My parents passed on to me their interest in collecting paintings of a wide variety.&nbsp. Therefore, we have an art gallery at home full of famous paintings from both Taiwan and China.&nbsp. My parents consistently took me and my siblings to art galleries and are still one of our favorite family activities when we get together.&nbsp.Regarding my own personal interest in art, I’ve participated in numerous painting and drawing contests.&nbsp. When I moved to the United States for high school, I attended a creative and performing arts school in San Diego and continued working on my artistic talent.&nbsp. After high school, I developed my other interests in design.&nbsp. I chose to work on fashion design.Fashion is an art to me.&nbsp. I wanted to pursue art on a different level, however.&nbsp. After graduating from college, I wanted to have more formal higher education experience focused not just on art as it is studied in traditional schools, but also study art at another level at UCLA.&nbsp. My purpose in pursuing this graduate degree in art at UCLA is undergirded by the fact that I know UCLA is an excellent school with a stellar reputation in this field.&nbsp. UCLA also has respect for diversity in its student body, which was important to me in selecting a grad school program.&nbsp. The UCLA faculty is very experienced and knowledgeable in several aspects of the art world, which was also another key factor in deciding to apply here.I sincerely feel that attending UCLA will help me become a better artist.&nbsp. My ultimate goals in obtaining a graduate degree in art are to 1) own my own gallery. 2) share my art with the public at large. and 3) work with art museums and/or galleries in order to restore and preserve masterpieces for posterity, so our children and grandchildren will still be able to appreciate creative pieces from master artists.Obtaining a graduate degree in art at UCLA would not only serve to bolster my experience and interest in art, but would also help provide a schema for how to realize my dreams.&nbsp. Wanting to become well-known in the art world, I believe this degree would give me instant credibility that would signify my expertise in not only dealing with art but creating it.&nbsp. I thank you for reading and for your thoughtful consideration of my application in light of the above-stated comments.I have accomplished many personal achievements in my lifetime, but I consider many of these achievements as exemplars for my community (including my family).&nbsp. Having grown up as an immigrant, I realize the incredible opportunities that coming to America gave me and my family.&nbsp. I will be forever grateful for those.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Undertaking this graduate degree in art from UCLA, therefore, is not only a source of personal accomplishment but a symbol of community pride for everyone I know and love that contributes to my culture—both in the U.S. and in Taiwan.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. While in Taiwan, I won the first-place award for the Taiwan Shei-Pa National Park’s official drawing contest when I was only an 11-year-old elementary school student—chosen from all the student contestants in all of Taiwan.&nbsp. When I came to attend high school in the U.S., my art was selected to be displayed in the school’s graduation art show.&nbsp. In addition, I’ve also participated in a breast cancer fundraising fashion show in San Diego in October of 2012, helping with the organization’s implementation of the show.&nbsp.