Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on balanced scorecard in travel trade Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Most of them have to handle many cost elements at a time and side by side have to make sure that they generate adequate profit out of the business. As far as the factor of the internal environment is concerned, the issue of proper employee management and teamwork between them comes to the picture. (“Travel Agency Balanced Scorecard Metrics”, 2009). Considering all these aspects the formation of a Balanced Scorecard becomes the utmost necessity for the companies operating in the industry. It has to be remembered that the main aim of any travel-related firm is to ensure a safe and pleasant trip for its customers. That is the reason why counting on this “intangible asset” gathered from numerous clients is definitely a challenge. Rather it demands very sophisticated approaches and focuses on thinking before the implementation of the performance measurement system. (Quintano, n.d.)Unlike financial parameters that mostly deal with statistics and numbers, measuring total customer experience, is a subject that requires clear understanding and knowledge. (“Extending the benefits of Balanced Scorecard for a Travel Agency”, 2009). The management of a travel firm should clear about their goals and objectives because due to the level of complexities involved in the trade it is sometimes very misleading for any management. The group of experts who work rigorously to achieve these goals should be very certain to identify the major strength of their organization so that they can improve on that parameter. (“Extending the benefits of Balanced Scorecard for a Travel Agency”, 2009). But it becomes very difficult for any firm to continuously filter and measure the negative and the positive aspects of their business without the identification of some quantifiable elements based on which they can monitor their performances.