Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Anti-War Movement & Women Liberation Movement. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The fear had arisen due to communist victory in countries neighbouring Vietnam. Moreover, the country considered France weak in stopping the influence of communism in the region. Therefore, the administration viewed that France needed help to overcome the influence of communism from countries such as Japan and USSR (King Web). Moreover, the achievement of Vietnam independence in 1945 was seen as a threat of French existence. Initially, Ho Chi Minh had led the Vietnamese people to gaining independence from French and Japanese occupation (King Web). However, the French was not satisfied but willing to regain the lost colony. However, due to various challenges, the French sought the help of United States. In the speech, King notes,” Even before the French defeat we encouraged them with massive financial and military supplies to continue the war even after they had lost the will” (King Web). On the other hand, the government impression was that Vietnamese people were not prepared for independence (King Web). As a result, the government was against the establishment of a genuine form of government established out of revolution. The government had been established without the assistance of China but indigenous forces and remnants of communists. The peasants had faith in the new leadership in implementing land reforms. On the other hand, the United States intended to control the administration of Vietnam. In fact, United States had a notion that Ho was not fit to unite the already divisive country. Therefore, United States ensures installation of their man Premier Diem (King Web). Diem became authoritarian, non-reformist, and failed to accept oppositions. Consequently, there were various revolts against the rule. As a result, the troops came in the country to quell the revolt against their chosen person. Moreover, military dictatorship of the United States continued after the toppling of Diem from power. However, in the United States, people were promised that military intervention was furthering the course of democracy and land reforms. Most, the message was delivered in terms of leaflets to the people. Additionally, United States deemed National Liberation Front as communist. As a result, the revolution was viewed as an enemy of the United States. Moreover, United States linked the death of Diem with communist activities in the region. Therefore, military advisors were sent to quell the groups of communism in south as well as the rebel movement. Moreover, the involvement was meant to curtail “aggression from the north” (King Web). In the 1960s, there was a rise of a new generation of students. Most of the students developed a culture of non-conformist. In fact, they resisted most of the ideal of America. One of the significant forms of resistance was organised in Berkley students against the House Un-American Activities Committee (Kitchell Web). They were against United States oppression of political freedom. There was also establishment of a radical student movement known as SLATE to inform Student on various issues regarding the country. As a result, there was increased interest in politics. Moreover, student participated in off-campus issues such as civil rights, nuclear production, and apartheid. Civil rights inspired student activism and helped students with rigorous objection. This was prominent among student of Morehouse College as opined by King (King Web).