Compose a 2250 words assignment on the evian water company management information systems project. Needs to be plagiarism free! Historically, this company was the first mineral water company to exist considering its growing popularity in the late 1790s to the early 1800s. The spring around the location of the company provided water rumored to cure incurable diseases considering that Marquis of Lessert drank water from the Sainte Catherine spring and as a result healed from kidney and liver problems. The spring grew in popularity that the government during the authorized bottling of the water and hence the sale of bottled water. In matters regarding business, the company employs the most efficient means in resource management to realize optimal profits. A management information system is a sector the business has heavily invested in to run operations smoothly. This project analyzes the management information systems criteria employed in this company to provide relevant details and to shed light on appropriate changes to counter challenges limiting the effectiveness of the scope of information systems technology in the company (Oz, 2009).A management information system is a process that provides relevant information required by the Evian Company fundamental to running the organization effectively. The information system and the details generated are fundamental ingredients for successful business decision-making in the company. The company management realizes the benefits of maintaining a consistent approach in the design and development of MIS systems. The company, therefore, has a well-organized framework that provides guidelines, policies, standards and procedures for the business institution. This framework gives the skeleton of what the company partakes in. MIS implementation takes place at different levels of management of the business and hence, the need for correspondence with the business enterprise long-term goals. From a different standpoint, MIS refers to the financial accounting systems employed by Evian Company to ensure rudimentary control over financial&nbsp.record keeping.&nbsp.