Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Medical Regulatory Agency. This organization is a non-profit making one that aims at subscribing healthcare centers for a fee. According to Roberts Coale and Redman, these accreditation programmes are operated in over 15 thousands hospitals situated in U.S. The primary goal of the Commission is to improve the quality of care offered by health centers.It also ensures that safety is observed in all operating hospitals. The commission was first introduced in 1951 where it was given authority to inspect the hospitals to ensure that they have attained the requirements needed by Medicare. Fisher shows the decision of changing the name was to make it easy for everyone and to show that the organization was an association guided by its own rules and regulations. They also changed their mission to one that showed that they assist health centers to help their patients. The commission is authorized by the state has to ensure that they have all the requirements needed by law as they also have to ensure that Medicaid approves their application.There are several roles that the Joint commission spread to health services. These include. one involves ensuring that the health services maintain safety kits and of high quality. This is where the organization gives standards that should be maintained and provide other services for instance survey and consultations. The commission has no right of punishing those health centers that do not meet the stipulated standards but they work by making the centers lose their accreditation thus losing benefits form the financially supporting programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. Saufl (60-51) describes that the commission also involves itself by providing hospital facilities funded by Accreditation Council for Ambulatory Health Care. Medicaid funded by the federal state was also established to help poor people who are qualified in offering health care.&nbsp.