Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: College Culture and Minimum Legal Drinking Age. Therefore, governments must be concerned with having countries set suitable drinking ages to reduce these violations. Thus, a great deal of research has been conducted to determine the impacts that are associated with the drinking age and/or alcohol control policies. There is also a significant amount of research available, which indicates a direct relationship between drinking age and poor social outcomes, including higher instances of driving under the influence of alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, poor behavioral traits, physical traumas, and inclination towards substance abuse. In order to identify if a minimum drinking age should remain at 21 years, the following analysis will seek to analyze and discuss the current debates and weigh whether or not a reduction in the drinking age is a policy that will ultimately benefit society. Regardless of the legal perspective that one approaches this issue, the fact remains that college culture is one that places a high level of emphasis on alcohol. and drinking whether legal or illegal. As such, the focus on minimum drinking age and the laws associated with this issue will pay particular attention to the philosophical nexus between whether or not these laws are effective and how they might apply to reducing the danger to adolescents within their college years should they be updated.Significant research illustrates that alcohol consumption gives rise to attention deficit during routine activities (Carpenter 134). The onset of this deficit is more evident in young alcohol consumers. In order to evaluate the impacts of alcohol consumption on young consumers, various research has been performed to examine fatalities faced by young consumers in their minor age. According to Smith and Geller, nearly one-third of youth deaths are associated with alcohol consumption in the United States and with increased marketing exposure, the minor youth are more vulnerable to increase their alcohol intake (359).