Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Does the Reality of War Not Prove That the Kantian Idea of Perpetual Peace Is Idealistic. Peace promotes the development of various sectors of the economy. It facilitates the existence of a healthy business environment that contributed to the growth and prosperity of a nation and the economy. The existence of peace is also dependent on the various forms of governance employed by the political leaders in that specific land. Dictatorial forms of government were always marked with various upheavals and unrests among the public. However, democratic and aristocratic states promoted the existence and spread of peace thereby leading to prosperity. Perpetual Peace is not just an ideology but it is achievable if a nation understands its core values and cultures.The world has been marked by various wars and conflicts that have contributed to the making of a broad history. These wars and conflicts have left behind many casualties who were witnesses of the great unfolding of the events. The wars have left masses of graves behind, the tensions and unrests within various countries have been heightened. It has made many people believe that the world will never be a peaceful place to exist in. Some have resorted to believe that the situation will one day change to be one where people can freely interact without war or segregation. The politicians have been left to come up with policies that they presume suite the best interest of the country and the economy. They have been left to make decisions for the local citizens without consultation of what they need (Fine 154). They have been left to determine when a country will go to war and when the country will have peace. These situations have made kit clear to the citizens that the reality of war proves the fact that the Kantian idea of perpetual peace is idealistic rather than being practical.Various opinions by the political theorist suggest that war exists in various forms based on the various activities and treaties.