Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on film analysis: slumdog millionaire. In most parts of the film, Boyle takes his audience to witness a fusion between the Hollywood and the Bollywood culture as most of the themes around the film revolve around western concepts. The overall portrayal of this is that a low class individual such as Jamal from the slums with minimal education background cannot outshine the elite class then going to win the millions hence the police classifying him as a potential thief. The implication of this is that the Indian culture only recognizes the rich and cannot accept the poor to become millionaires, which creates a social conflict. Many argue that Boyle did not paint the true picture of the Indian society and instead used this to create a celebrated film that had stereotyped the Indian culture. Boyle also made use of immense western related material in this film that presented India as a sophisticated republic then portraying the other side of this by using slums. The obvious illustration of this is that there is a great division between poverty and success in the Indian society just like in the west.