You will prepare and submit a term paper on Anthropology and Homelessness in World Facts. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. The answer to the question can be simple if shelter absence is the thought. However, a more descriptive understanding takes into account what a home is (M Rossi, 1989). Home is the place where a person spends the night time for sleep and general residence and is considered a basic human need since it is essential that people rest after the days up and downs. As a matter of fact, therefore, homelessness is a state of lacking shelter note solely but also the feeling of lacking identity in a given region. It can as well be used to mean the lack of a regular housing or case of inadequate place of residence or in other terms the lack of enough security in your place culminating into migration in a bid to find a better environment to have the night. With this regard, the homeless person can be viewed as a displaced person or poor person that cannot in one way or the other afford a fixed accommodation for a long period of time. Noteworthy to mention is the wanderers in streets comprising mostly of beggars and mentally disturbed fellows who roam around seeking refuge and providence keeping the old saying alive by placing a mad person everywhere uncontrolled.There are many reasons why people find themselves homeless. For instance, global disasters like heat waves and water waves. Taking a review of Japan and India, a lot of people have been forced to vacate their regular and comfortable residential apartments to look for safety (IP and NG, 2008). Earthquakes are so frequently clearing large areas of residence in the aftershock and amount to leading causes of lack of home in Japan. Natural Disasters reports an estimate of about 100,000 displaced individuals in Fukushima in 2011 along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Tsunamis which entails the huge water waves resulting from an earthquake deep in the ocean that flood the coastal areas is a crisis that has affected settlement in japan with many families forced to migrate.&nbsp.