Write 10 pages thesis on the topic how blackberry messenger changes our culture. This social and political impact is just one example of how technology can have an effect on society. The real question is&nbsp.can this social communicating device put society in danger? This essay will show the opposite through many examples. BlackBerry is a fundamental tool for social change and is a clear example of how human communication has changed dramatically over the past few decades.Communication among humans has a long and varied history. Historically, there has been a long battle to control communication between those in power and those who wish to communicate. It is not the elite or power group’s interest to allow lower classes to have the ability to communicate among themselves on a mass scale. However, human nature shows that we wish to communicate with others no matter the circumstances or boundaries against us. From children passing notes in class to slave drum circles, people have always found ways to adjust and create new forms of communication.Because of the effects of the events of last year’s “Arab Spring,” it is no wonder that certain Middle Eastern countries have become afraid of the potential that social networking has to effect great social change. It is commonly believed that the Egyptian revolution began on Facebook. this is vastly different from the way previous social revolutions were conducted. In the times gone by, revolutions started in dark basements and back alleys. nowadays, people can just turn on their computer or smartphone and they have the ability to communicate with a large group of people almost instantly. The old method was illustrated in a recent article on foriegnaffairs.com: “In 1919, U.S. President Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points speech, which helped spark the 1919 upheavals, made its way around the world by telegraph. The uprisings of 1919 also suggest that the calculated spread of popular movements, seen across the Arab world last winter, is not a new phenomenon.&nbsp.