Need an research paper on development of student collaboration and communication platform. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism. These web-based tools are now helping to simplify communiqué and back the exchange of data, information, resources, and documents either among groups or between two or more individuals. (Lomas, Burke and Page, 2008). Electronic collaboration has emerged as the discipline at the intersection of technology and human interaction, having implications in all facets of everyday life. From social networking to telecommunication, it has significantly impacted the way people conduct business, gain knowledge, and change with technology (Kock, 2009).Advances in technology have changed the way today’s world communicates and socializes. This is very relevant to the field of education too. learners have adapted to new ways of researching, organizing, and processing information using technological tools (Latha, 2009). Collaborative learning for a long time has been a common educational practice in which people acquire or try to acquire somewhat unitedly (Dillenbourg, 1999). Collaboration study offers many advantages to students such as enhanced accomplishment, commitment, and pro-school positive demeanor. They believe that assisting students will result in the development of the interactive talents that buttress collaboration is a vital part of the groundwork for the world of effort. Candy, Crebert, and O’Leary (1994) suggested that a capability for and appreciative of teamwork, along with decisive thinking, flexibility and self-appraisal is one of the basic talents that a college education should nurture (Candy, Crebert and O’Leary, 1994).In the earlier days, collaborative events in educational institutions have been limited to whole-time undergraduates in the on-campus surroundings because of the rational complications in searching space and time for college students to function together.&nbsp.