I will pay for the following article Ethics: The Use of Animals in Art. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Of this art, it can be said to be daring, to such as extent that some of it has come to raise a lot of controversies, especially concerning the material used in the making of such work. Among the most controversial materials that artists have come to use are animal parts, which have raised ethical concerns not only among animal rights activists but also among people with a genuine appreciation of art.The ethical issues that have been raised concerning the use of animals in art have received both support and opposition in equal measure (Koehn 2010, p.213). Some have argued that the ethical issues concerned are not related to the artwork itself but vary according to the members of different societies who come to view it. It is a situation where ethics are judged, not by the universal norms concerning artwork, but according to the society within which the use of animal parts in the artwork for ethical clarification. When one considers the statement above, one will conclude that the morals concerning art are not absolute in different societies because of the fact that the societies involved have come to evolve different tastes in art, which have developed for an extremely long time. The use of animals in art can be considered to be unethical in certain societies, while in others, the art may be seen to be incredibly creative and would be greatly admired and appreciated. It can, therefore, be said that the use of animals in the work of such artists as Marco Evaristti, Damien Hirst, and Zhang Huan, while ethically wrong in some parts of society, might not be necessarily so in others.The use of animals in art has been a practice in many human societies since time immemorial and it has been greatly appreciated by those who beheld such art. However, in modern society, with the rise of animal rights activism, the use of animals in art has come to be very much compromised.