Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Settlement Arangement for Dissolution of Marriage of Steven and Kathleen Miller. Two weekends a month. [The weekend begins Friday at 5.00p.m. continues until Sunday at 5.00p.m. If the weekend is a three- day weekend, then the husband shall have visitation rights for the full extra day (either Friday, beginning at 9.00 a.m. or Monday until 5.00 p.m.)]B. The Husband’s visitation rights shall be vital to any plans the wife may make that might violate on such rights, except the scheduling of activities for the children like attending friends’ birthday parties of participation in extra curriculum activities provided the husband is given at least 7 days notice of such activities and he is further provided with the choice of incorporating such activities into his visitation schedule.The Husband shall pay to the Wife for the support of each child of the parties, the sum of $300 per month until the two children reach their 18th birthday. He is willing to consider a formula to increase this amount to reflect increases in the cost of living. The Husband will pay the Wife a lump sum of $ 75,000 over a period of three yearsThe Husband and the Wife agree to share the children’s college education expenses. They will be responsible for up to four years of college unless the child is prevented from attending for any sensible reason. Since the Husband earns more, he will pay more towards the children’s college education.The Wife to live with the children in the parties’ joint house until Sarah graduates from high school, after which they shall sell the house and split the proceeds. The Husband to contribute more towards major repairs as the Wife takes responsibility for minor&nbsp.problems. The Husband to pay real estate taxes as the wife pays the mortgage.&nbsp.The Husband currently has medical and dental insurance coverage for the minor children. He shall continue to provide for each of them until either reaches the age of 22 years.&nbsp.