Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on emile jacque dalcroze and eurythmics Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Eurythmics has supported musical learning through bodily movements that physically convey musical ideas.The life of Dalcroze began in Vienna. However, as a young man, he moved a lot as he pursued his studies in performing arts and this continued into his adult life. He came to be known by the name Dalcroze but was born Emile Henri Jaques in Vienna 6th July 1865 to Mrs. Julie Jaques and Mr. Jules Louis (Whyman 126). He was the only son of his French and Swiss parents. He was raised together with his sister Helena as they were born as only two siblings. Dalcroze came from a stable family whose wellbeing and parents flourishing careers facilitated a comfortable upbringing for the children. Dalcroze’s mother was a Pestalozzi – trained teacher well experienced in music teaching. She had learned Pestalozzi’s educational principles and philosophy in education which upheld that “students should learn by direct experience, ought to be taught through activity and concrete experience was needed before abstract knowledge” (Ristow 2). His father served as a representative of Switzerland’s clockmaker’s factories in the industry. His family was part of the early industrialization, making them above average household earners capable of providing leisure experiences for their children.From early life, Dalcroze and his sibling had opportunities and exposure to engaging with the outside world through cultural exchanges and experiences in performing arts. According to Bauer, “born in Vienna and raised in Geneva, the adolescent Emile had thus far enjoyed a comfortable upbringing with little exposure to people or cultures outside of his bourgeois realm of experience (against which he found novel ways to rebel)” (7). His mother was a great influence from his early life, which eventually inspired his interest in musical teaching.