Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on a mental model: decision log Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Mental models form the basis of a unified account of probabilistic, deductive or moral reasoning. For an individual to arrive at some conclusion factors such as does the decision hold some water or is there any likelihood of some truth are some arguments used to deduce an answer. In many cases, when an individual has several alternatives, making a proper decision may be difficult. My mental model basically relies on set rules in the military. This would mean that when I am making my decision, the set code would have an influence on the type of action that I have to perform. For an instance, when confronted by an issue such as stopping demonstrations in the streets. The decision to use a teargas to disperse irate crowd would be a possible alternative because reasoning with the irate mob is not an option. The principle of reasoning relies on counterexamples, which provide a room for comparison. Notable, in military, there is no room to compare alternatives, but to act swiftly in order to avert an impending danger (John 49). In a situation of a delayed reasoning, the situation may go out of control. Some rules in the military are not friendly to the way I reason, but I do not have an alternative. I derived dictatorial mental model from the rules and regulation that guides as in the military. Military life requires perfection in each activity that an individual performs. It does not provide a room for alternatives. In this regard, my mental model has adapted to resorting to specific manner of performing activities. The formal rules provide a guideline on how I would tackle an issue and arrive at an appropriate decision (Hartle 124). I wish to acknowledge the fact that at some point, some incidents are quite strange and would require counterexample in order to come up with an appropriate decision. Largely formal protocols influence decision making especially informal environment (John 51). For instance, when I am handling issues in the office situation I would prefer to make a decision that is derived from the rules or guidelines provided by the organization. In an instance where strict formal guides apply, my decision may spark negative or positive reaction depending on the views of the recipients. Many recipients would not look at the condition that led to the outcome, but would major on the impact that the outcome would bring to the society. Sometimes some decisions may result to expulsion of employees. The effect of the expulsion would carry the day since it has a negative impact to the society. The cost of such decision may at time lead to poor relationship in the society. Basically, some principles are hard to follow, but strict observation of these principles provides a guide that lead to irrational decision (Davis 88). In like manner, following stringent measures has formed the basis of my mental model. I feel that my mental model has enhanced my decision making because it directs me to rely on facts or principles that guide the society before apply my decision. Reasoning in terms of factors that influence a particular outcome is another mental model that has an influence on the way I carry out my activities.&nbsp.