Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses film-induced tourism in china. The value addition is achieved by the fact that this created image works as a promotional tool at the international level. The representations, which are developed through the mass media, act as an important factor in influencing vacation spot decisions, therefore, inducing tourism (Urry 1990).A person who visits a specific destination as a result of the attraction being featured on the cinema screen, video or television is known as a film-induced tourist (Busby & Klug 2001:316). According to Riley, Baker and Van (1998: 920), specific film-induced tourism arises when individuals go to pay a visit to seek the sites they have watched on the television screens.A good case scenario is in China where film-induced tourism has been defined as a total success. The image developed in films has been phenomenal in promoting and reinforcing images of China to the global masses, thus creating a tourist influx.According to Echtner and Ritchie (1991), literature has widely recognized that the image of a destination greatly influences a tourist’s choice on his/her most appropriate destination site. The relationship between media and tourism arises from literary tourism and the cultural geography scholarship that has acknowledged the application of textual accounts to make “place-myths”. Film-induced tourism, therefore, follows this basis to demonstrate the influence of electronic media in the construction of landscape meanings (MacCannell 1976).According to Beeton (2005), media-induced tourism attractions lie not only on the attractive showcasing of the landscape but also on the story of the film. The film narrative gives the tourist attraction a mediated meaning, which turns the place into a landmark that tourists are always anxious to make a pilgrimage to. Films and fiction are important in the provision of knowledge of certain aspects of the tourist destination where it is based on.