Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses sibling rivalry in william faulkner’s as i lay dying. As Bockting also states, “Faulkner believed that ‘the problems of human heart…have nothing to do with what race you belong to…man whether he is black or white red or yellow still suffers the same anguishes, he has same aspirations his follies are the same follies, his triumphs are the same triumphs’” (24). Consequently it is observed that in the novel “As I Lay Dying” he explores many socio-political as well as human behavioral problems through his characters by incorporating a variety of thematic concerns. One of the major thematic concerns or the aspects of the novel is the sibling rivalry amongst the Bundrens. Moreover it is apparent that the common link that connects yet separates the five siblings is their mother Addie who is directly or indirectly the reason for mutual feelings of contempt and jealousy. Moreover in order to fully trace the problems that arose because of this rivalry in the lives of the Bundrens it is necessary to strategically analyze the brought up or life of each character. Addie is a complex demonstration of a woman who is brought up in a conservative society and desires to be freed from the shackles of the societal norms. However the restrains of the society have turned her into a mother who openly accepts her biased love for her children i.e. Cash and Jewel while she detests her other three i.e. Darl, Dewey Dell and Vardaman. Thus it is observed that of all the five siblings Cash was the most stable and practical individual. Though he loved his mother and mourned her death yet after the burial he was ready to get back to the real world. As it is stated in the novel as well that, “ Cash is filling up the holes he bored in the top of it. He is trimming out plugs for them, one at a time, the wood wet and hard to work. He could cut up a tin can and hide the holes and nobody wouldn’t know the difference. Wouldn’t mind, anyway (AILD 87). The care with which he builds the coffin shows his love yet later it is observed that his basic attraction for going to Jefferson was to get a gramophone. Moreover when jewel recues his mother’s coffin absence of Cash is again significant because it enlightens the readers about his feelings about his mother’s death i.e. once he is done with the mourning he is done for good. On the other hand the relationship between Addie, Jewel and Darl is observed to be a complex relationship based on hatred specifically because of the mother’s biased love for one son and hatred for the other. It is a natural reaction in women that at times when they suffer at the birth of one child they begin to blame the child for the hardship and the pain and the blame at times turns into resentment as was the case with Darl. Adie saw him as the reminder of her near death experience and since the day he was born her love was lost in that mist of pain and hatred. On the other hand although she was strict with Jewel yet she loved him because in a way her affair with Whitfield helped in reviving her spirits and Jewel reminded her of her time of freedom and happiness. This complex love is also apparent in the lines where it is stated that, “[Addie] cried hard, maybe because she had to cry so quiet. maybe because she felt the same way about tears she did about deceit, hating herself for doing it, hating him because she had to” (AILD 136).