Compose a 1750 words assignment on convergence of networking and storage solutions. Needs to be plagiarism free! Such trends, coupled with the budget, physical space, and management resource constraints have forced organizations to rethink their storage approaches. With an increased amount of content to be stored, new and emerging technologies are giving enterprises options that they can use to meet their data storage needs. The evolution has also resulted in the convergence of various networking and storage solutions with the outcome being the emergence of better technologies that have more capabilities compared to the original ones.Racherla et al. (2014) define convergence to be the use of common switching and cabling infrastructure as a replacement of the original and traditional disparate storage networks and servers. The convergence of the data storage network is currently in its infancy judging from how it has been embraced by organizations. However, it is a phenomenon which can be well seen in the various trends that are being used by organizations to increase their storage capabilities. The convergence of networks allows for the sharing of infrastructure and the outcome is not only seen in the storage capacity but also on the reduced costs. Schulz (2008) informs that sharing of infrastructure has simplified data management thereby allowing the IT team to strategically and effectively manage and protect the data assets of the organization. Ethernet forms the foundation of most converged networks today. The introduction of the 10GGb Ethernet provided the much-needed bandwidth for network convergence (Racherla et al., 2014).Organizations are using and integrating converged networks due to the various advantages associated with them. Convergence allows the existing infrastructure to make the best out of the various networks being used to ensure that the storage capabilities of the overall system are enhanced. In addition, it simplifies the infrastructure which is being used and this simplification has allowed for the deployment of high availability&nbsp.options and solutions.&nbsp.