Compose a 1500 words assignment on marketing mix analysis of apple company. Needs to be plagiarism free! Though the company’s headquarters are in the USA, it also targets other affluent markets like Europe and emerging economies of Asia like India and China (Burrows 90). On the other hand, Apple has shifted its targets to developing economies of the third world especially Africa and Latin America. The implication is that Apple has a variety of target markets. Apple enjoys a strong customer base as opposed to its competitors like Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, and Blackberry among others (Emerald 14). The company serves the interests of students, businesses, educators, government agencies, creative professionals, as well as the average consumers.Marketing mix refers to decisions that marketers and product developers undertake before launching products into the market (Gupta 144). Before outlining the characteristics of the 4Ps model, it is vital to distinguish between a marketing mix and the 4ps model. By definition, the marketing mix refers to the many choices that a business entity makes before availing new products into the market (Lee et al. 2155). On the contrary, the 4Ps are one of the ways of developing a marketing mix. Therefore, the 4Ps model defines a marketing mix in terms of the product to develop, the price to charge, the place or locations to target, and the promotional activities of positioning the product in the market (Gupta 145).One of the characteristics of the 4Ps model is that it defines the product or service to avail into the market (Gupta 146). In this case, the model identifies consumer’s needs to satisfy, product features as well as all specifications by defining a product in terms of colors, usability, the brand name, and its differentiation from competitors. Finally, the product analysis helps marketers to determine the profitability of selling a product to the target customers. In addition, a good characteristic of the 4Ps model is that it focuses on the product price (Lee et al. 2158).&nbsp.