Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Attitude of entitlement in American society. From the previously mentioned analyses, five factors are found which openly demonstrates the three fundamental entitlements and attitudes in the American society, concerning romantic partners (Salamone & Morris, 2012). Study 1 In study 1, several issues are examined ranging from the convergent, discriminate and construct validity concerning the Sense of Attitude Entitlement (SAE) . This research is done by developing a judgment of the actual relationship that exists between the SAE scores and other existing variables. The variables range from the scales of attracting narcissism, the worldwide sense of Entitlement and all the orientations that relate to various orientations. Under this study, the sampled participants covered the SAE scale as a group referring from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. Other references that the participants depended on include. Psychological Entitlement Scale (PES) as well as the ECR scale. These tools assist the participants in tapping the required attachment anxiety and avoidance. The same sampling method was employed to reach the participants where 182 men and women were selected. The participants were though were volunteers who engaged in the study without the expectation of the monetary award and as a matter of fact they were all involved in a romantic relationship. Through randomized questionnaires, it was ensured that they all reached the participants. They then filled completely the battery of the provided self-report scales in manageable smaller groups. The SRE scales they filled contained the 33-items defined in study 1. The results indicated a direct relationship of the total SR score and the four SAE factors. They include. the vigilance concerning the negative factors within partners and their relationship, how sensitive the relations are between transgressions and frustrations, what the partners expect in terms of attention and understanding and lastly the assertiveness in terms of entitlement (Salamone & Morris, 2012). The findings though showed very thin correlation with the total PES score as well as the NPI entitlement scores. Study 2 The major objective of study 2 is to form a self-report scale to help judge an individual’s sense of entitlement through an engagement of a romantic relationship (Salamone & Morris, 2012). The study goes further to conduct an examination of the factor structure is modelling around the attitudes of normal entitlements or excessive entitlements vs. the attitudes of restricted entitlement or non-entitlement at all. Furthermore, it is at study 2 where we examine the new scales and how they associate with each individual’s personality traits, their mental health, and the satisfaction to marriage. In the method, a group of 687 participants are selected men and women then a questionnaire is administered to them before a variety of statistical techniques are deduced. A principal component factor analysis is conducted for the sake of examining the factor structure of the SAE constructed around three theoretical forms of entitlement. The findings of the first study reveal that there is a considerable relationship between the problematic portion of the relational entitlement depending on which form it takes and the multiple forms of psychological functioning that include. lowered self-esteem, insecure attachment orientations, negative mood, feeling of stress, loneliness, neuroticism, lack of life satisfaction and social anxiety (Salamone & Morris, 2012).