Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the semai culture. As their primary mode of subsistence is horticultural, therefore they live in those areas that comprise of rain forests. Subsistence agriculture is adopted by these people so as to grow enough food for their families and tribe. As, they do not depend on any advanced agricultural techniques or procedures for growing crops. therefore, Semai horticulturists depend on natural and organic ways of agriculture.Their traditional methods of agriculture reflect their primitive ways of life and growing crops. It also indicates that they do not depend on the trade of crops or foods from other places. This also means that they are ignorant of advanced agricultural techniques or exotic crops or fruits outside their surroundings.The Semai culture is embodied by the values of its community that has been shaped over thousands of years. Almost all such community-based cultures practice shared lifestyle and concern for each and every individual because it benefits overall society. They adhere to their old customs and beliefs and they inherit the thinking and mentality of their predecessors.Their cultural and social system is isolated from the rest of the world and they are left with practicing and reinventing the mentality, beliefs and customs of their forefathers. They share a strong bond with their community and therefore, strive to yield to its rules and regulations. Their lives are defined in fixed parameters as outlined by the social and cultural values of Semai culture.Food sharing plays an important practical and symbolic role within the community, and mutual aid, generosity and harmony are valued above anything else. Helpfulness is also reinforced because the Semai believe that unfulfilled wishes— for food, sex, or anything else—make people vulnerable to attack by animals or spirits that can cause illness or death. (Sorensen, 2007, p.604)The customs and beliefs of the Semai culture bind people together. Food sharing has a deep philosophy.