Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on performing accountability in professional environments. In professional and personal development, a personal-awareness manifestation is of great importance as it makes a person more effective both as an individual, as a team member and as a manager. To become a personal-awareness individual starts with understanding ourselves in many different areas. The key areas for personal-awareness are personality, values habits, needs and emotions.Understanding our personality helps us find situations in which we will thrive and lets us avoid situations that will give us lots of stress. For example, a highly introverted is likely to experience a lot of stress in a sales position than an extroverted person would. Therefore, highly introverted persons will understand that it is important to acquire skills necessary to cope in a sales position. Else one should find a position that is more compatible with their personality (Marks, Gary, Senterfit, and Robert 36). Therefore, awareness of our personality helps us analyze such a decision. When it comes to values, it is important that we know and focuses on what we prioritize most. At times, it is easy to spend much time on things that are of low priority. By focusing on value, we are most likely to accomplish what we consider most important before embarking activities of least priority.Habit is another key area of personal-awareness. Habits are behaviors that we repeat routinely and are always automatic. Everyone would like to possess habits that help in effective interaction. However, everyone can at least identify one habit that hinders his or her effectiveness. For instance, if a manager least consults his or her staff before making any important decision. Thus, habit is most likely to interfere with the manager’s ability to build staff members’ commitment to the decision and their decision-making skills too. Personal habits can either get in the way or improve our personal and professional development (Rosemary 56).