Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on in what ways do the films planet of the apes and 12 monkeys speculate on the subject of animal ethics. While describing Science Fiction, Cramer (1994) states, “Science fiction allows us to understand and experience our past, present, and future in terms of an imagined future.”&nbsp. Though the genre is imaginary it just thrills the spectators and at the same time through the dystopian representation of the future world, it conveys a valuable message to the audience. Science fiction is the source of entertainment as well as an effective way of conveying a message to the society. According to Sobchack “science fiction cinema is an important source to understand the history of the spatial and temporal transformation of the city as it has been experienced by the spectators in the USA, from the 1950s to the present, from modernism to postmodernism.” (Vivian Sobchack 1999)Man is supposed to be the most powerful animal in the world. Of course, his power lies in his intellectuality and most advanced brain. Being the most powerful animal of the planet, he started assuming that he has a right to exploit flora and fauna of the earth. He has forgotten the ethics of behaving with animals and plants, which are the inseparable elements of our ecosystem and our planet. Animals and other living things on the earth are being used by man for his selfish deeds. While using them, he even does not think about their emotions. The animals are being used in film productions, circuses, for food testing, for experiments, etc. They are harassed by the man. Prior to technological advancement, the hobby of the medieval people was hunting. In India, innumerable wild animals were hunted just for the hobbies of princes, kings, and people from rich and royal families which culminated in the extinction of animals like Chitah. After the scientific revolution, entertainment habits changed but animal harassment still continued. Movies became the major and influential source of entertainment. The animals are frequently used in films. The film producer tries to be close to authenticity. Hence in many films, the animals are used.