Write a 5 pages paper on blue print for personal growth. Working in groups or teams, however, has challenges due to diversity issues and requires outstanding leadership abilities as a step to building and sustaining teams and their involved interpersonal relationships. My personal assessment also identified my qualities that are important to teaming and interpersonal relationships. These characteristics are “vision,” “charisma,” “negotiation” and “role modeling” (Christensen, Marx and Stevenson, 2006, p. 76). Even though I have made significant progress in leading teams into rational decisions, and cohesion, I have plans for improving on my potentials. I plan to improve on my vision development towards cooperation and cohesive decision making by using my entire team to develop team vision instead of developing one and communicating it to the team. This will have the advantage of instilling a sense of belonging and recognition in team members’ work and association with one another. I further plan to improve on my charisma through mentorship, and training on leadership qualities. Further, I will attend training on negotiation as a strategy to conflict resolution, and cross cultural diversity management as a strategy towards negotiation because exemplary negotiation skills will help me in bridging emerging gaps in decision making processes, and differences due to diversity. My development objectives also include improving on my integrity as a leader, which aims at developing credibility towards trust and influence on people. Implementing these changes will ensure outstanding decision-making processes, team building, and interpersonal relationships because of the elements’ significance influence and cohesion (Gates, 2009). Leading people Transformational leadership is the best practice towards creating, maintaining, and improving a system. This is because of the leadership’s tools that facilitate achievement of systems’ goals through motivation and empowerment. A transformational leader is for example charismatic and therefore derives substantial allegiance from people around him. The people ascribe to his outstanding and captivating traits and this facilitates development of a system to the leader’s desired achievements. The leadership style is also a best practice in creating, maintaining and improving a human resource system because of the involved “inspiration and vision” that focuses teams and groups to outlined developmental objectives and therefore reduces conflicts in implementation of objectives (Marshal, 2011, p. 5). The ability to motivate people’s intellect and personal consideration that is identified in transformational leadership also establishes its position as the best practice for creating, maintaining and improving the human resource system (Marshal, 2011). A human resource system is a set of asset that can be used to facilitate achievement of an organization’s objective and its psychological aspects that identifies influence, motivation and empowerment offers a leader diversified opportunities for influencing the system towards desired outcomes. A leader can therefore empower and motivate a human resource system towards strategic and tactical goals of an organization through identifying and influencing appropriate human resource practices that can empower and motivate employees towards the objectives.