Write 7 pages thesis on the topic managing food and beverage operations. In order to create a strong positive relationship with his or her employees either in the kitchen or in the services section, the manager is supposed to empower employees leading to a higher level of motivation. As depicted by John and Jennifer 2008, kitchen managers have various duties that include controlling other staff in the kitchen as well as ensuring maximum safety in the kitchen as depicted by the law.One of the major aspects that make the Chinese restaurant to attain a competitive edge in the market is the introduction of a menu that covers all the items as needed by the customers. In addition, the restaurant takes into consideration the cultural diversity of its customers. This is depicted by the introduction of an English and Chinese menu. To create strong customer awareness the restaurant indicates the various ingredients that are used to prepare the various foods prepared in the kitchen. The restaurant delivers its services in an excellent way thus leading to customer satisfaction. For example, through a standard recipe, the restaurant has control of the quantity as well as the quality of the food prepared in the kitchen. Key aspects as indicated by John and Jennifer (2008) that are covered by the standard recipe include portion size, ingredient lists, cooking time and temperatures, menu item names among others. Likewise, the restaurant image is enhanced by the attractive decoration, appropriate layout as well as efficient sitting plan.According to Graham (2006), the history and the style of the food are a major consideration during decorating a restaurant. Similarly, Graham and Oxley (2003) argue that servicescapes also referred to as the built environment plays a vital role in enhancing personal traits, customer satisfaction in a restaurant.