1. What was the first permanent English settlement in North America (35)?2. What two principals did English colonist bring with them to North America (35)?3. Give an example of how the Magna Carta limited the power of the king (36)?4. List several limitations the English Bill of Rights placed on the king (36-37)?5. What are the two chambers of the English Parliament called (37)?6. What were three English philosophers and there basic idea (37)?7. What three common practices were shared by most of the colonies (38)?8. What did the Pilgrims agree to do in the Mayflower Compact (39)?9. What was the first legislature in America (39)?10. Why did many Puritans migrate to America (39)?11. What were some early actions taken by colonial legislatures (40)?12. What writer popularized the concept of separation of powers (40)?Section 2-2 of textbook1. What informal British policy allowed the colonists to control economic and government controls with little British interference (43)?2. What did the British generally think about this arrangement (42)?3. What two events changed the answer in #1 (42)?4. What were two impacts of the British victory (43)?5. What was the Boston Tea Party a response too (43)?6. What did the First Continental Congress do in response to the British actions (44)?7. Where did the first shots of the Revolutionary War occur (44)?8. Who wrote Common Sense and for what purpose (45)?9. Who proposed the colonies formally declare their independence (46)?10. What was unique about the Declaration (47)?11. Describe the three parts of the Declaration (47)?12. What changed in state governments after the Declaration (47)?i need all those answered my teacher wont help me