Need an research paper on the concept of queer in british films. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism. Queer media often has a profound impact given its ability to engage with and address events as well as ideas that are of concern to the queer community. traditionally, the film industry, typically the Americanized Hollywood, has been at the core of criticism for marginalizing and silencing queer people through their negative portrayals of homosexuality. This paper will explore the concept of queer in relation to three archetypical queer films including Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane (1976), Basil Dearden’s “Victim” (1961), and Stephen Frears’ “My Beautiful Laundrette.”Through the ‘1890s and ‘1980s, the gay and lesbian characters in films were heavily defined by their sexual positioning and did not have any complex character development. From the 1890s to around 1930s in particular, homosexuality was often depicted as an object of ridicule and laughter in films while from the 1930s to 1950s, Hollywood was heavily criticized for promoting immorality by religious and women’s groups. In response to the heightened criticism, Hollywood introduced a self-censorship code that greatly inhibited the overt portrayal of homosexuality, which led to the codification of homosexuality into characters’ mannerisms and behaviors.Nonetheless, the film industry has remained cautious in its depiction of queerness such as gay themes, characters and experiences, particularly given that many film firms seek to appeal to large audiences and by focusing on queer topics they risk offending a significant portion of their audience or losing potential investors. Queerness concept cannot be divorced from the study of film since queer cinematic images react to the potential of film as a lens for subversive reimagining, which generates a simulative, avant-garde platform for a reconceptualization of infinite sexual meanings, pleasures as well as interpretations.&nbsp.