Need an research paper on how do relics speak. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The reference to objects considered relics did however expand to what came to include materials touched or associated by the saints. Relics can be classified as “the bodies or bodily fragments of the saints and the objects connected with them such as clothes dipped the blood of the martyrs.”1 This entails arms, skulls, chests, fingers, skins, skeletons, and heirlooms. These might have been obtained from grave retrievals, or remains of the assassinated or beheaded saints and heroes. There are also relics classified as second in line as those, which were touched by the saints in their lifetimes (for example sandals worn or tools they used). Walker and Paula mention that by late medieval age, reliquaries contained not just a saint’s body parts but contact relics as shoes and clothes fragments.2Decorations of the sanctuaries: Relics preserved in reliquaries were celebrated as decorations for the catholic cathedrals and temples. Some have been enshrined at the sanctuaries’ entrances or close to alters in the places of worship. The reliquaries as containers used to hold the relics were covered by precious stones, gold, and even silver to enshrine the actual relics.3 With the reliquaries, they expressed pieces of medieval artwork before any introduction of museums in the medieval age.Prestige upon ownership in politics: They bestowed power and aspect of honor upon the possessor. Relics were used in the creation of reliquaries expressively for privileged individuals. In China, Lee argues that “relics were used as symbols for prestige and power, and they had economic implications in that they attracted pilgrimage and patronage, and were of diplomatic value.”4 Reliquaries and artifacts made in the shape of, or containing the relic itself gave its owner pleasurable prestigious status. They not only served as treasures but in the establishment of boundaries and authorities for monarchs. Gifts and commodities of exchange: Relics had always been regarded as objects of value for the possessor.