I need some assistance with these assignment. strategy for hants hotels Thank you in advance for the help! The effective implementation of a new system might be comparatively difficult because there are several costs associated with it. For example, software license, hardware, implementation consulting and training are expensive processes. Although the Hants expect to increase the productivity and reduce the costs by implementing a new system, employees’ response to the changes is highly significant.The Hants Hotels shall operate its HR functions with a socially responsible approach aiming for the overall wellbeing of its employees, operators, shareholders and other benefactors. The employees are bound to meet the required standard as managers, staff, and employees in order to accomplish the business objectives by ensuring the best service to the customers.a) Implementation of web-based technology: this is one of the important areas where the Hants has to undergo changes and further improvements. Initially, it has to develop its own centralized website to provide customers with full-time access to its services. The firm has to develop a networked version of its software that would avail all information required. However, a newly networked system would almost certainly have numerous challenges to meet. For instance, the administrative staff, although small, would be the primary users of the system. Other employees would have little use for the initial system except in specific circumstances. The current practice, as it depends on manual efforts causes inconsistency in reporting and auditing. Therefore the management should be cautious about the organizational changes and new automated systems because it would bring employees’ resistance to the changes. However, the level of resistance would be different for each staff member.b). Human Resource Information System (HRIS). In order to identify the potentiality and weakness of the HR, and to resolve the problems and inadequacy.