I need some assistance with these assignment. researching the cinematography of three different moods in the scenes of leona calderon Thank you in advance for the help! According to Brown “the ability to move the camera is the most fundamental aspect which distinguishes film and video from photography”. Small movements are crucial with a 35mm camera, the light and shadow changing dramatically if the camera is shifted out of position. The capacity of the camera to pick up small amounts of changes in the lighting can help to create a richly translated environment, but the delicacy with which the camera must be handled will present some challenges. However, the camera will allow for an increased potential in creating the feeling of real life as the freedoms of the camera provide for realistically translated lighting and a sense of authenticity. One of the important considerations that will be made in how the camera is used is in determining the purpose of the movement. A camera movement must be motivated, not just done for the sake of moving the camera. There are two reasons that a director may wish for a camera to move. The first is that the action dictates the need for a movement. The second is that there is an introduction of new information. The sequence of shots in a scene should be set up so that where the camera ends has meaning and continues the storytelling forward. This should not be a random spot, but a controlled and planned ending for each scene that sets up the context in which the next scene will begin. One of the important points of research that will be conducted in preparation for this film will be the types of movement needed in contrast with the availability of equipment for the project.