I need some assistance with these assignment. half of a yellow sun by chimamanda ngozi adichie Thank you in advance for the help! These people live together and share a lot of experiences before the war. However, this comes to an abrupt end when the civil war breaks and starts tormenting those in the southern towns of Nigeria including Nsukka. Later, as the story unfolds, Richard is forced to separate his sweetheart when he eventually opts to flee back to his motherland (Kellaway).In this novel, Ngozi uses characters from all walks of life to help her in demonstrating how plural society is. Before the outbreak of the war, these characters enjoy a pleasurable life together. Ugwu, a mere village boy is brought into the house of Odenigbo, a high profile university math professor. Regardless of his humble background, Ugwu demonstrates his culinary skills and emerge as excellent pepper soup, boiled herbs, spicy chicken and rice cook. At the same time, he gets an opportunity to be enrolled at the university. This was happening in a society in which people believe that the“Greatness depends on where you are coming from.” On the other hand, Olunna, a daughter of a shipping magnate local chief abandons her affluent family to join her sweetheart in the dusty noisy university. On the other hand, Richard comes all the way from Britain to live comfortably integrate into this society.I would lie to point out that Ngozi was well-guided in her work. By using characters drawn from all social classes, she is sensitizing the readers on the actual nature of the society. There is a very good lesson that can be learned from each of these characters. The manner in which they presented themselves shows a high level of maturity, consciousness and tolerance. For instance, had Prof. Odenigbo been concerned about his status, he would not mingle with the illiterate and ‘uncivilized’ village boy. However, his tolerant attitude enabled him to freely interact with him, employed and enrolled him at his workplace.&nbsp.