Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Interactive Group Discussion. In line with this, each member was expected to study the PRINCE 2 structure closely. The work was to be chosen by each individual in the group this paved way for the development of, R&amp.D.Members were expected to carry out documentation.The incorporation of individual aspect was to come out at this stage. The individual perspective was to be read out at the next meeting. In the following meetings project approach was identified. Technological Road Map (TRM) was identified. This however presented a new challenge to us. To begin with, two project members had to be explained to what TRM entail as they found it very complex.The identification of objectives brought forward an issue especially on the last. The objective mentioned that The TRM method and other optional methods. This was an issue as the objective was overloaded and vague. Members deliberated and we modified it to only one method. The decision on communication on completion of the work was decided. The group zeroed on email as the best method. Communication was an important aspect of any group interaction. The members were to keep in touch through the use of emails and also physical meetings. To begin with, the method was good as it was fast and time-saving. Considers that internet-based surveys may save time for researchers as access can be gained to a large number of individuals within a short time. In so doing it meant that communication could take place any time of the day as all one needed was a computer and internet connection.