Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on bluefin tuna on the edge of extinction Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This fish species migrate in huge numbers in the ocean located in the northern Atlantic regions and they are even found in areas with high temperatures including the areas located at the Gulf of St. Lawrence and they even exist in the tropical regions including the Gulf of Mexico as well as the region of Caribbean Sea. This species of fish has the ability to survive in heated areas because they can utilize their metabolic heat in order to keep up with temperatures that are much heated than the open waters.During the period of 1960s, it was one of the most unwanted and neglected fish and was being sold in the region of the United States at very low prices as compared to the prices at which it is sold today (Narula 1). Narula states that it was highly disliked by the Japanese population because it had a very displeasing taste that was bloody as well as fatty in nature (Narula 1). Payne states that during the period of 1600s, the Bluefin tuna was being harvested by the regions including Spain as well as Italy through the method of fish trapping. But, during the period of 1990s, it was reported that the adult population of this fish declined by 50% as compared to its population that existed during the 1970s (Safina 229). Narula reports that during the period of 2013 it was figured out that the stocks of this fish throughout the world had declined by more than 96% as compared to its total population during the period of 1950 (Narula 1).Several efforts have been made to conserve the population of this fish and to stop it from becoming extinct and to increase the number of the adult population of this fish in order to increase the breeding of these fishes. But the problem is that those who are trying to conserve this fish have not really taken a hands-on approach and they have neglected the findings of their own scientific research teams (Safina 229). If strict measures to decrease the issue of overfishing are not adopted today, the possibility of this fish moving from the list of endangered species to extinct species is relatively high.