Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on An Account of the Asymmetrical Layout of the Temples on the Acropolis. It needs to be at least 2500 words. This paper sorts to answer the question as to why this structure ended up in a symmetrical format. It also focuses on some of the theories suggested by academics and archeologists such as Doxiadis and the emerging issues related to architecture.According to Jenkins (117), the irregular location of buildings may be one of the real reasons for the imperfection of the buildings secondary to the Parthenon. This matter has not been fully exhausted over the past and therefore should be investigated from the architect’s purposeful design plan. It is proposed that the Erechetheum, the Propylaea and other temples are blemished, with respect to the classical rules. The controversies in the second buildings on the Acropolis may be proved and valuated as intentional disorderliness. It is claimed that Mnesikles who designed the Propylaea and Erechetheum and the Athena Nikè did not want to challenge the perfection and superiority of the Parthenon by intentionally making them imperfect by unfinished architectural, blemishing, fragmentation, articulation and limiting of the scale (Beard, Mary & Henderson. 52).Some of the main reasons for the asymmetric nature of the temples are irregular sites on which they were constructed and the chances that the Propylaea was not finished contrary to Mnesikle’s desire. The construction of Propylaea started in 437 BCE and stopped in 432BCE due to the wars of the Peloponnesian. The construction was resumed later, though it remained unfinished. It is suggested that the south wing that is opposite to the Pinakothek, is smaller than expected due the anomalies preventing the construction on the site flanking the rock outcrop where the Temple of Athena Nike’ is located. In addition, two symmetrical wings of better dimensions compared to Pinakothek were not built on the eastern side. Similarly, an open arcade to replace the west wall in the opposite wing to the Pinakothek.